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Bearings, castings and forgings

At this year’s IceFish, design, development and manufacturing company Elcee Holland B.V. will be represented by its market-focused business units Plain Bearings and Castings & Forgings. As well as being the agent for igus®, manufacturer of high performance plastics, Elcee develops spherical bearings, propeller and rudder bearings, self-lubricating bronze bearings and high alloy steel bearings, among others. The business unit Castings & Forgings is specialised in advising and delivering products made according to drawing, in casted, forged or assembled executions. The company can deliver the products in every metal quality and various surface treatments. Elcee has its own engineering department and provides an extra service by means of its 3D printer. In house rapid prototyping makes it possible to manufacture the final design in plastic. Products of both business units will be presented at IceFish. - See more at: http://www.worldfishing.net/news101/icelandic-fisheries-exhibition/bearings,-castings-and-forgings#sthash.mfCWpesX.dpuf

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